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Thank you for finding your way to our website. We pride ourselves on taking wonderful care of our patients and hope you will find this website informative and able to answer all the questions you may have in regards to our clinic and care.

At City Center Chiropractic you will as a patient receive a comprehensive assessment to determine if chiropractic is right for you. We will also develop a plan for how to get you back as quickly as possible to life or play. A whole body plan addressing physical deficiencies ensures a stronger outcome for our patients as we pursue a conservative and non-surgical avenue for your health concerns. We further do a scan that involves looking at the balance of your nerve system and a second scan this time of your feet to determine if the common issue of pronation is a possible cause of your health concerns.

Dr. Baastrup understand how important it is to get back on your feet as quickly as possible after a possible injury as he himself is very active with sports like karate (black belt) and mountain biking as well as hiking and kayaking and have been injured himself several times. Therefore our patients learn how to proactively participate in their own health care recovery via a strengthening and stretching program of their injured area but also of the body as a whole. It's not our approach to work isolated areas of your body but to work in conjunction with other regions and the body as a whole so we therefore look at rehabilitation as a whole body experience. Proper strengthening and conditioning will prevent recurrent injuries. How well you do your exercise program determines how well you recover and how far you can take it. Guess what? We can't do your exercises for you!


We envision a world where every life -every person has been touched by chiropractic.

Our Mission:

It is our mission to help patients understand that maintaining a strong and healthy body is the best way to not only avoid re-injury or to recover quickly if you should get an injury but also to live a long, productive and healthy life. Since the nerve system controls and coordinates all functions of your body it is our philosophy that in order to have a healthy body you must have a healthy functioning nerve system.

The rapid return of athletes or any person to their game or work is just part of our goal. We what we can to ensure that our patients live the highest quality of life possible.

Our philosophy:

Though Dr. Baastrup has been a chiropractor for over 25 years and has attended numerous athletic events and seminars in chiropractic he believes that keeping up with science and technology in regards to healing of the human body and new chiropractic techniques is as important if not more as it was when he graduated from chiropractic college. Therefore he attends many continued education classes throughout each year so as to learn new ways to help our patients and stay abreast of different ways to help the body recover faster. Many new discoveries are made daily and you will find many of these described in articles we include in the patient information in our clinic and in our newsletters.

It is our belief that healing happens from the inside and not from some source outside the body. You are born with the intelligence that controls all functions in your whole body, a term we in chiropractic call innate intelligence, and we as chiropractors just help facilitate the healing process via the adjustment (that removes nerve interference and allows normal joint function to be restored) and thereby let the body do its proper job as it as designed to do. Your body knows how to function and heal and we need not interfere with that process.

On occasion we encounter patients that need further evaluations or maybe surgical opinions and we are glad to send these patients to the entity where they are served best. Those patients we see with degenerative conditions generally respond well to a conservative program over a period of time, says Dr. Baastrup.

Dr. Baastrup further believes that most of the exercises given need not require access to a gym but can be done on a low-tech budget at home or when traveling. By using your own body weight you avoid many injuries and are more apt at doing the exercises given as you can do them pretty much anywhere whether at home or on the road.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Birger Baastrup

Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner
Advanced Certified Activator Practitioner